Soluciones de Ingeniería y Mantenimiento, S.L.
Soluciones de Ingeniería y Mantenimiento, S.L.

We have a number of Clients that have trusted our capabilities, quality of products and timely solutions. Following, we present a summary of some of the references we have gathered up to now:

Year: 2017-18

Service: Asset Performance Management Services for a new world-class gas treatment facility (2500 MMSCFD) - ECA, MHA, S-RCM, Optimized Maintenance Plans, etc.

Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Year: 2016-17

Service: ECA, RAM Study and S-RCM of a new refinery.

Location: Malaysia.


Year: 2015-2016

Service: Contracting strategies assessment, ITB development, and contracts engineering support up to the award of a BOOT Contract for a natural gas compression facility.

Location: Peru.


Year: 2014

Service: Due dilligence and life extension assessment of two (2) offshore compression  platforms.

Location: Trinidad & Tobago.


Year: 2013

Service: Criticality assessment and RAM analysis (full modeling) of an existing oil and gas central processing asset.

Location: Venezuela.


Year: 2009 - Present

Service: Frame agreements covering FEED and detailed engineering services sub-contracts in multiple refining and petrochemical EPC Projects.

Location: Spain.


Year: 2013 - 2014

Service: Lump sum detailed engineering of the C&I discipline in H2 unit revamping project, technical supervision of the major packages procured by the Client, inspection and FATs.

Location: Spain.


Year: 2012- 2013

Service: Coordination and technical supervision during the engineering, fabrication and FAT of a 2,2 MW oil flooded screw compressor package for H2 service.

Location: Spain.


Year: 2012 - 2014

Service: Root Cause Analyses (RCA) in various oil and gas production assets in which a number of recurrent failures have negatively impacted their overall reliability/availability.

Location: Venezuela.


Year: 2012

Service: Proactive technical evaluations of the compressor stations, pumping stations, pipelines and storage facilities of a hydrocarbons transmission and distribution organization.

Location: Mexico. 


Year: 2012

Service: Vibration and process analysis during the start-up of two 17 MW steam turbine driven generators installed in a thermo solar power plant.

Location: Spain.


Year: 2012

Service: Gap analysis in a maintenance organization following PAS 55, aimed at identifying the benchmarked gaps and consequently defining an action plan to mitigate such deviations.

Location: Venezuela.


Year: 2011 - 2013

Service: Frame agreement for providing technical services during the Post-FEED, EPIC and LLI ITB packages preparation and tenders evaluation (LLI according to LCCA) of a natural gas transportation system.

Location: Italy.


Year: 2009 - 2011

Service: Agreement to provide technical services integrated into the PMT of the Client during the Post-FEED and EPC of a natural gas transportation system.

Location: Algeria, Spain.


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